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If you are concerned that indoor air quality in your residence or commercial building is unhealthy, if you want to find the source of a bad smell or water damage, or if you’re worried about VOCs (volatile organic compounds, such as formaldehyde) or radon, we can find the cause of your environmental issues.

Remediation Plan and Verification

We can lead you through the steps for mold removal. If professional services are required, we will craft a remediation plan and inspect your home afterwards to make sure your building is healthy again.

Renovation and Air Quality

We provide lead paint and asbestos surveys before your renovation project. No matter the scale, we can verify that your residence is free of asbestos, lead paint, radon, or other pollutants. We have all the qualifications and registrations needed to allow you to meet all local regulations.

Residential and Commercial

Environmental Inspections + Solutions has experience helping home buyers and owners, doctors, patients, landlords and tenants, businesses, condominium associations, architects, real estate professionals, and contractors. We can ensure that your home or work environment is not endangered by contaminants, ventilation, or construction problems.