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Because of the health risks posed by asbestos, including mesothelioma, asbestosis, and various forms of cancer, most construction with asbestos was outlawed in 1978. However, this means that any construction performed prior to that date, as well as certain projects afterwards, may still contain asbestos. For this reason, California law mandates that any construction project operate as though asbestos is present until an inspection shows its absence.

As more than 75% of homes in Culver City’s Los Angeles County predate 1978, this is an all too common issue. Our OSHA certified asbestos consultants will take the utmost care in verifying the presence or absence of asbestos in your home or commercial building and in ensuring that your project is correctly following all required procedures.

Asbestos is the cause of many chronic and life-threatening conditions. For more information, see the CDC’s summary:

Asbestos Abandoned House

To acquire permits from Culver City and Los Angeles County you will need an asbestos test, as well as to satisfy South Coast Air Quality Management District regulations that cover Culver City.

Taking asbestos sample

The above requirements must be met when doing renovations or demolitions in Culver City and Los Angeles County.

Home renovation

In the case of renovations, any material affected by the work will be tested, while for demolitions a complete survey of any and all materials that could harbor asbestos will be conducted.

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We will sample from out-of-the-way areas, and only need a few grams, so there will be no significant damage.

The number of samples taken is mandated by Culver City and Los Angeles County rules. Call to give us an idea of your needs and we will give you an estimate of how many samples we need.

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Our inspection is very non-intrusive, and it is safe for you to stay while we conduct it.

Drilling holes to explode asbestos

Our inspection will tell you whether you need to have it removed – there can be as high as a 50/50 chance that a given popcorn ceiling material was made with asbestos.

Popcorn ceiling

The only way to be sure if a material was made with asbestos is via transmission electron microscopy or phase contrast microscopy.

We can give you a quote once we know more about your building and the project you are planning. Call us now for accurate pricing on your Culver City asbestos test.

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77.4% of homes in Los Angeles county are from before 1978, when the EPA asbestos rules came into effect. There is a high probability that these homes contain at least some asbestos. Newer homes may also have been built with asbestos-containing materials.

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The asbestos inspection itself most often takes a few hours in the case of a home, while commercial buildings may take longer.

Once the inspection is done, we will have a report ready in 2-3 business days, or in special cases a day if expedited service is requested.


Even if you are careful, Culver City and LA county regulations would still require an inspection for permitting purposes. In addition, this could be a health hazard to you and anyone in your building, as dangerous asbestos fibers may remain even once the material has been removed.

Construction worker

State law prohibits us from conducting both inspection and remediation as a way to prevent conflicts of interest. We can refer you to listings of Culver City-area contractors who are certified to remove asbestos.

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