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Asbestos is a cancer and other ailment-causing building material that was largely banned in 1978 by the EPA. Unfortunately, this means that buildings from prior to this date, and some buildings that were constructed after, may have been built with materials containing asbestos.

Environmental Inspections + Solutions’ industry veterans are certified by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health and will hunt down any asbestos in your home or building. The law requires anti-asbestos precautions to be taken until an inspection determines that the structure is free from the material. This applies when doing any construction work on the building.

Once your report is complete, you will know what steps you or a contractor should take to comply with all relevant regulations, from municipal Los Angeles ordinances to state law.

The fibers that make up asbestos can affect the lungs, stomach, and other areas of the body, causing cancers, asbestosis, mesothelioma, and other serious health problems.

Asbestosis in lungs X-Ray

It is mandatory to have an asbestos inspection before acquiring a building permit for remodeling or demolition in Los Angeles. Our state certifications mean that the results we give you are sufficient to meet Los Angeles city requirements and those of the South Coast Air Quality Management District, which covers Los Angeles.

Person taking asbestos sample

Our process will differ based on the project you are planning. If the building is to be demolished, we will check all components of the structure that could potentially contain asbestos. For a remodel, we will only sample those building elements that will be affected by the work.

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We do not need very much material, and will take samples from hard to see areas; we need only less than a small spoonful.

Sampling rules are set by local and AQMD regulations, and vary based on the building’s construction and size. Supply us with the specifics of your building and planned project, and we can let you know over the phone.

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No. Our inspection is minimally intrusive – there is no danger to you or other occupants of the building.

Some popcorn textures are more likely than others to contain asbestos. Contact Environmental Inspections + Solutions for an asbestos test.

Popcorn ceiling

The presence of asbestos can only be confirmed or disproved through phase contrast microscopy or transmission electron microscopy.

Call us for a pricing estimate, as our cost for an asbestos test depends on the size, layout, and construction of your Los Angeles home or building.


77.4% of homes in Los Angeles county are older than 1978, which means they were built before the EPA asbestos rules came into place. Most of these structures probably contain asbestos. And many homes and buildings constructed after 1978 also contain asbestos, as not all asbestos-containing materials were outlawed.


Contact us for a timeline specific to your needs. Generally, residential asbestos inspections take a few hours, while larger commercial surveys take longer. Once we have taken samples, the results will be ready in 2-3 days, with 1 day service possible at additional cost.


Even after removal has taken place, dangerous asbestos fibers may remain, or even spread around the structure due to the disturbance.


We do not offer asbestos remediation. Acting as both inspectors and remediators would be a violation of state law, as selling both services would create a conflict of interest.

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