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Environmental Inspections + Solutions employs state-licensed asbestos inspectors with years of experience. They can conduct your asbestos inspection with the utmost professionalism and ensure both that you are safe and that your construction project is in compliance with any and all regulations.

It is critical to have your home or building inspected for asbestos prior to any renovation or demolition. It is both required by law and important to keep you and any other occupants safe from the health risks of asbestos, which include lung and stomach cancer, as well as other sicknesses.

Buildings dating from before 1978 are at particular risk, as the use of asbestos was not regulated before that year – and some asbestos-containing construction materials are still used today. In Oakland’s Alameda County, about three-fourths of homes were built before 1978, meaning they have a strong possibility of containing asbestos.

Asbestos is a fibrous mineral, and those fibers can enter the lungs and stomach and lead to major diseases.

Because so many buildings in Oakland’s Alameda County predate the 1978 EPA regulations, any remodeling or demolition of those structures represents a health risk unless an asbestos inspection is done. Also, the law mandates an asbestos inspection before such work takes place, regardless of the age of the structure, as not all asbestos-containing construction components were banned.

Our inspectors will take very small amounts of substances that may contain asbestos (less than a teaspoon). They will select spots that are less visible and be as unobtrusive as possible. For an idea of what sampling in your building would entail, give us a call.

No, the sampling process is not a health risk, and you can stay while it takes place.

A piece of asbestos-containing material

Although smaller-grain popcorn textures can have as low as a 1 in 15 chance of containing asbestos, larger textures can have a rate as high as 50%. It is best to have an asbestos inspection if your Oakland building has popcorn ceiling.

Popcorn Ceiling

The only way to be sure that something does or does not have asbestos is through phase contrast microscopy and transmission electron microscopy.

Microscopy magnification

The cost depends on the specifics of your structure and the nature and extent of any construction you plan on doing. Call us with the details and we can give you a quote.

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Once our inspectors arrive, most home inspections will take only a few hours. Larger commercial buildings will take longer. Your report can be available next day if expedited service is requested, otherwise you will know the results within two to three business days.


Most likely. The microscopic asbestos fibers may remain even after the original material is gone.

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State law prevents us from doing so. By separating asbestos inspectors and remediators, any potential conflicts of interest are prevented from arising. We will refer you to listings of Oakland-area contractors if needed.

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