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When buying a house, you should have the complete inspection story. Regular home inspectors do not have the expertise to check for all potential environmental factors. Environmental Inspections + Solutions can give you a comprehensive picture of any hazards and identify the precise steps needed to remove them.

Our Enviroscreen is an immediate overview of the most prevalent home environmental problems: moisture/mold, indoor air quality, lead paint, and asbestos.

Moisture: We will determine the source of any intrusion and assess whether there is an ongoing problem. If so, we will provide steps to stop it.

Mold/Fungus: Environmental Inspections + Solutions will find any mold or fungi growing as a result of moisture. Identifying the seriousness of any problem is an important step in seeing whether professional removal is required.

NOTE: Only asbestos has a separate bolded heading in original copy; don’t know if that is intentional

Asbestos: Thousands of construction materials contained asbestos through the early 80s and it is still sometimes used. In our inspection we will determine whether there are any asbestos hazards in vinyl flooring, furnace duct insulation, or ceiling textures.

Lead-based paint: Until 1976 lead was a common additive in paint. Lead exposure can lead to serious health problems. We will assess whether additional inspection and/or testing is necessary.

Indoor air quality: Prospective home owners often ask for on-site tests. We will test for radon over the course of 48-72 hours. Results are available directly after the conclusion of the test.