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Lead was commonly used in paint until its ban by the EPA in 1978. However, the paint left behind on structures from before this ban still represents a health risk, especially to children. As it crumbles or is damaged by construction work, dust and chips are spread to areas where they can be inhaled or ingested. A recent study found that in some areas of Culver City more than 4% of children had high levels of lead in their blood – in the Flint, Michigan lead contamination crisis, about 5% of children were similarly affected.

Environmental Inspections + Solutions has professional inspectors certified by the CA Dept. of Public Health who will root out any source of potential lead exposure.

Environmental Inspections + Solutions has several ways to test your Culver City home or building for lead paint. Our main method is via a state-of-the-art X-Ray fluorescence tool, which can evaluate a substrate for lead without disturbing it or chipping your paint.

If there is a concern about lead paint dust, we will augment the XRF with standard wipe samples, collecting dust from under and around windows or other areas where lead paint may be present.

Cube of lead

Paint chip samples will be taken when performing Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspections of places of work.

Chipping lead-based paint

Depending on how many different surfaces and decorative paint elements are present, a Culver City lead paint inspection will take anywhere from 90 minutes to a few hours.

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Anyone knowledgeable in lead-safe practices is capable of removing lead paint safely. EPA guidelines are available here:


Doing construction or demolition? Then you do need one by law. Many people assume that lead poisoning is rarer than it is – it is never a bad idea to get a test.

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The surprisingly high rate of lead poisoning even in Culver City means that it is imperative to get a lead paint test. While paint from before 1978 is the biggest risk, homes near large roadways can often have lead in the soil from old leaded gasoline. Soil and dust can then enter the home on shoes, clothes, or everyday objects and be inhaled or ingested.

General cleaning, as well as repainting or refinishing old doors and windows, can reduce the exposure risk.

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There is no safe level of lead to have in your body. The legal definition of lead paint differs based on local regulations, but in most cases any paint with greater than 1 milligram of lead per square centimeter is classified as lead paint.

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The most common place is in soil, due to paint chips and dust, or the remnants of leaded gas. Environmental Inspections + Solutions is equipped to test your soil in addition to any paint.

Cracked soil

You may be at risk eating anything grown in a garden contaminated with lead paint, even if you are careful to wash your harvest. There is more information available here:


Lab results will be ready in two to three business days, while the XRF can produce readings immediately.

Because the length and nature of the inspection depends on your building, contact us with the details for an approximate cost.

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