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Lead exposure is a major public health risk, the prevalence of which is only recently becoming understood. A recent report showed that many areas of Los Angeles have incidences of child lead poisoning at the same or higher rates than Flint, Michigan, the site of a much-publicized lead problem. Lead can enter the body in a number of ways, and no blood level of lead is considered safe. Lead can cause many types of brain and neurological problems.

The certified inspectors at Environmental Inspections + Solutions are ready to help you protect yourself, your children, or the occupants of your building from lead.

Our primary tool is the advanced X-Ray fluorescence (XRF) device, which can immediately detect lead in paint. We are also able to check dust and the areas around painted trim and windows with wipe sampling. We will perform a comprehensive analysis so that you can be sure no potential source of lead exposure goes unexamined.

Inspecting door for lead content

We will augment our residential tests with paint chip sampling when doing OSHA workplace lead paint inspections of Los Angeles-area businesses.

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The time it takes to finish our inspection will be based on the number of surfaces (such as windows, doors, and trim) present in the building. Usually it’s between an hour and a half to four hours.


Are they certified and trained to do so? Following lead-safe work rules is critical, and if they do, then they can safely fix your lead paint problem. To find out more about these practices, see:


Unfortunately, it is common for people to assume lead paint is not present in their home or building. In any case, it is legally required to have an inspection before construction work, and it is the safe thing to do for anyone who lives in or uses the structure.

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Having a lead inspection, especially if you live in an older building or near a roadway, is the first step. Lead from leaded gasoline can be in the soil even after its use was discontinued.

In Los Angeles, county law sets the limit at just .7 milligrams per square centimeter. Regardless of the exact amount, any level of lead is cause to enact lead-safe practices when doing construction work.

XRF Analzyer screen

Yes, we can take soil samples and have our lab verify or rule out that it contains lead.


The XRF readings are immediate, and we can have your full report with lab confirmation ready in 2 or 3 business days, or sooner if expedited service is needed.


To provide you with our best estimate, call us with information about your home or building and we will get you more accurate cost approximations.