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The professional lead inspectors at Environmental Inspections + Solutions have years of experience helping keep homes and businesses free from lead paint exposure. Because lead is such a health hazard, it is essential, not to mention legally required, to have an inspection before your construction project.

This is especially true when doing work on buildings that were put up in 1978 or earlier, as that was when lead paint was still widely used. About ¾ of houses in Oakland’s Alameda County are in this category.

Our inspectors are trained with the latest method for detecting lead paint, the X-Ray Fluorescence device, which can determine the amount of lead right away. In order to check for lead dust from decaying lead paint, we are also able to employ wipe sample testing.

Neither of these methods require us to remove any paint its surface.

Danger: Flaking Lead Paint

For those instances we will use both paint chip sampling and the XRF device.

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The lead paint inspection is usually 2-4 hours, though this varies. Larger homes with more varied paint schemes, and more doors and windows, add time to the process.

After we have collected all of the samples, if lab analysis is needed that report can be delivered in 2-3 business days, or next day if express results are needed. The XRF readings are instantaneous.


Any handyman or contractor who is certified in lead-safe work practices can safely remove lead paint. Find out more about lead-safe work practices here:


Yes, in Oakland and throughout the state you must if you are doing demolition or remodeling that will disturb your paint. Many people do not realize how widespread and how dangerous lead paint is. Keep everyone in your home or building and safe and make sure they are protected from lead exposure.

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Any old paint that is no longer intact may be introducing lead dust into your living spaces. Abating that paint or refinishing painted trim, doors, and windows can help. The soil around your home or building may also have leftover lead from when it was used in gasoline, especially if you live near a large street or freeway. Environmental Inspections + Solutions can test any of these potential sources of lead.

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Lead paint is usually classified as such when there is 1 milligram per square centimeter of paint, though this can vary by municipal or county jurisdiction.

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Eating foods produced in a garden where the soil contains lead can allow lead to enter your system. See this report to find out more:

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Rates will vary based on how many samples and readings must be taken, which in turn is affected by the size and details of your building or home. Give us a call for pricing based on your needs.

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