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Lead was a common additive to paint and gasoline for many years. However, once the health risks of lead exposure were better understood, products containing lead were banned in 1978. The consequence of this is that a great deal of lead from before the ban still affects us today. Cracking and chipping bits of old lead paint can contaminate homes and yards, and lead particles from car exhaust are still found in soil. About 2 in 3 homes in San Jose’s Santa Clara County are at high risk for containing lead paint because they were built before the 1978 rules came into effect.

Whether you are doing construction or demolition of a building, are worried about old paint in your home, or just want to lay fears about possible lead exposure to rest, Environmental Inspections + Solutions is ready to send our experienced lead inspectors, certified by the California Department of Public Health, to aid you.

They will use the latest device in lead detection, an X-Ray Fluorescence tool, to assess the lead content of any painted place in your home or building that you want inspected. This data can be accompanied by wipe samples of areas where collection of lead dust due to paint degradation is likely.

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If the survey is part of an OSHA inspection, our inspectors will also take paint chip samples.

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The XRF produces its readings right away, while a full report will take up to 2-3 business days, or 24 hours when special service is requested. The lead paint inspection itself will last normally 2 to 4 hours for residential jobs, while commercial inspections may take longer depending on the size of the building.


As long as the person you hire to remove lead from your San Jose structure is certified in lead-safe work practices (which should always be followed), then they can do it safely. To learn more see:


Not only are you mandated to by the law, but the potential harm caused by lead paint is not well understood by most people – it’s an important step in your renovation or construction project that should not be overlooked.

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Because any amount of lead in the body is toxic, getting a lead inspection is the first step towards safety. Having soil that may contain lead checked, and covering, replacing, or refinishing old paint or paint that is known to contain lead are all good steps to take.

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Because lead is so harmful, only 1 milligram of lead per square centimeter of paint is classified as lead paint. When considering lab results, it varies by city rules, but anywhere from .06% to .5% by weight is seen as lead paint.

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Most likely, yes. And thorough washing is probably not enough to make them safe to eat. To find out more, see:

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Many considerations must be taken into account, including the age, size, and paint detailing of the structure. Call Environmental Inspections + Solutions today with more information about your situation to get a price estimate.