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Moisture in your Culver City home or building creates a favorable environment for mold and microbial infestation, including bacteria and dust mites. It can also by itself cause physical damage to a building. Environmental Inspections + Solutions will measure moisture levels throughout your structure, checking both air humidity and the moisture content of structural components.  We employ the latest technology, such as infrared thermography, to find these spots, searching drainage, attics, basements, appliances, and HVAC systems to find them wherever they may exist.

We provide evaluation of any mold contamination and will lay out clear plans to ameliorate water damage. However, to remain impartial and to prevent a conflict of interest, we do not provide remediation. Instead, we will refer you to possible remediation specialists located in or near Culver City.

Environmental Inspections + Solutions can put your fears to rest when purchasing a home or commercial building or inspect a potential problem area in a structure you already own.

Black mold isn’t the only potentially harmful type of mold. If you have reason to believe there is a mold or moisture problem in your building, the safe course of action is to have it inspected.

Green mold

This may not solve your mold problem, and will not address what caused the mold in the first place. Mold cleanup should be handled by someone knowledgeable and able to perform proper cleanup.

Bleach bottles

Once we have completed our assessment, we will give you our determination as to whether your situation requires a specialist or if can be removed safely by you or a regular contractor.

Environmental Inspections + Solutions can show you where to find an experienced mold removal contractor local to Culver City if their services are needed.

Mold removal

Environmental Inspections + Solutions offers only inspection, and not remediation, because offering both would create an incentive to determine that remediation is needed. We will create a Remediation Plan that outlines the steps needed to solve your mold or moisture problems. Once the plan has been carried out we can verify that the problem is solved.

Mold cultures

Environmental Inspections + Solutions can and will specify which types of mold the lab will check for when testing samples from your home or building in Culver City.


Environmental Inspections + Solutions has more than two decades of experience dealing with mold and moisture contamination and can obtain laboratory verification of the results of your inspection. We also employ methods and technology that will find mold and moisture that a non-professional may miss.

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