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Environmental Inspections + Solutions will conduct a thorough survey of mold and moisture in your Los Angeles home or building. Mold is known to cause health problems, and moisture can both cause physical damage to a structure and foster a climate that allows the growth of not just mold but other microbes and bacteria. Whether you’re purchasing a home or concerned about mold or moisture in your home or commercial building, we will give you the information you need.

Our inspectors will follow best practices for mold and moisture inspection, utilizing the most effective tools. They will determine the amount of humidity in your Los Angeles structure’s air, hunt down spots with high microbial activity, and test the amount of moisture in building elements. If moisture is seeping into the building, they can find its source with infrared thermography.

Once any mold or moisture issue (or lack thereof) is identified, we will provide a plan for remediation as well as listings of potential remediation contractors around Los Angeles. As providing remediation would lead to a conflict of interest, Environmental Inspections + Solutions only quantifies and provides the steps needed to solve your mold or moisture problem.

Many types of mold can be unhealthy. Our inspection will give you closure on whether you can remove the mold yourself, or if the services of a professional are needed.

Mold in a corner

If the mold is dangerous, the physical disturbance of trying to clean it up can spread spores throughout your structure. In addition, applying bleach to a surface can damage it.

Clorox bleach

Our report will detail whether the mold needs the attention of a professional or if you or a handyman can take care of the problem.

Cleaning with sponge

Selling both inspection and removal services would be a conflict of interest, as such a company would directly benefit from finding mold. Environmental Inspections + Solutions does not remediate mold but instead informs you of the actions that must be taken to eliminate any mold or moisture contamination. Once those actions are taken, we can check to ensure that no mold remains.

Mold on red liquid

Once samples are taken, we can direct the lab to tell us exactly what was found and if it was the kind you are allergic to.

Sneezing into tissue

Our inspectors have the knowledge that comes with twenty-five years of experience, and methods and tools that non-professionals do not. With Environmental Inspections + Solutions, you will be sure that your inspection has been done right.

Mold removal