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Concerned about water damage, leaks, or moldy odors? In the market for a new home and need an inspection for peace of mind? Whatever the case, Environmental Inspections + Solutions is ready to help find any mold or moisture problems in your Oakland home or commercial structure.

We will send our experienced professional inspectors to examine all areas of your building, from appliances and HVAC to outside drainage, attics, and basements. They will use the most current methods and devices to find bacteria and mold-harboring moisture, as well as checking construction materials for high levels of moisture. Where moisture is found in your Oakland structure, they can hunt down its source with infrared thermography.

After the inspection is complete, we will inform you how to take of any problems that are found, and if necessary explain how to find a remediation contractor in or around Oakland. Environmental Inspections + Solutions does not conduct remediation as well as inspection because that would represent a conflict of interest. We will arm you with the knowledge you need to eliminate any issues that we find.

No, other types of mold can also be hazards. Environmental Inspections + Solutions will have any mold tested and report whether it be safely removed without professional aid or if a remediator should be hired.

Black mold

Attempting to remove some types of mold can contaminate other areas with the spores, and bleach not only creates an odor itself, but does not fix what allowed the mold to form initially.

Clorox bleach

This is a conflict of interest, as such a business would gain from finding mold or exaggerating the problem. Environmental Inspections + Solutions will tell you what you or an Oakland remediation specialist needs to know to restore your home or building to healthy working order.

Man in suit

Yes, we can and will have the lab specify the precise varieties of mold.

Microscopic mold

We have close to three decades of experience and will use methods and equipment that a contractor will not. Once your inspection is complete, you will be secure in knowing that we haven’t overlooked or misidentified things a contractor might.

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