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We will hunt down mold and moisture wherever it can be found in your home or commercial building in the San Jose area. Any space that may contain mold or moisture (attics, basements, appliances, drainage, HVAC systems, etc.) will be carefully gone over by Environmental Inspections + Solutions’ mold professionals. We can also use infrared thermography to pinpoint the source of moisture coming into your San Jose home or building.

Once your structure has been inspected, you will either be secure in knowing that unhealthy mold and damaging moisture do not pose a problem, or be armed with our plan to have them remediated.

Environmental Inspections + Solutions solely provides inspection and a remediation plan; we do not perform remediation, as doing so would incite a conflict of interest. Rather, we will direct you towards listings of San Jose-area professionals who can carry out the plan we provide you with.

There is no such thing as good mold in your building. Many molds can be harmful, and our inspection will let you know if the services of a professional are needed, or if you can remove it yourself.

Wall mold

Improper protocols in cleaning mold can result in spores propagating to other rooms or areas. Furthermore, this will not fix the origin of the mold, and can cause unsightly residue and smell.

Clorox bleach

This is a conflict of interest, as such a business would gain from finding mold or exaggerating the problem. Environmental Inspections + Solutions will tell you what you or an Oakland remediation specialist needs to know to restore your home or building to healthy working order.

Mold remediation

Absolutely, we are able to designate what molds to test for to our lab.

Mold orange