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Radon is a lesser-known health hazard that is nevertheless the second most common cause of lung cancer in the United States (after smoking). Thus it should always be considered when moving into a new home or purchasing a new building. Environmental Inspections + Solutions’ board-certified radon inspectors can help keep you safe from this radioactive gas.

It is not, as radon emanates from the ground, making the age of the structure a non-factor.


Because radon tends to pool in lower areas, a radon test is only recommended by the EPA for the first three floors.

Apartment buildings

Though radon may be present in numerous areas, only the lowest spots in your building in Culver City need to be tested for radon.


While you can go to a Los Angeles hardware store or buy one online, our trained inspectors will get the job done right and give you the satisfaction of being certain of the results.

Continuous Radon Monitor

We use state-of-the-art Sun Nuclear Corp 1027 radon devices.

Continuous radon monitor

The test itself is a 48 to 72 hour process, as per EPA recommendations.

Drilling holes to explode asbestos

As abating radon and also testing for it would create a conflict of interest, Environmental Inspections + Solutions cannot offer radon removal, but we can give you a comprehensive plan for dealing with your radon problem.

Radon symbol diagram

Unless you live in an area predisposed to high amounts of radon, individual positive tests are unlikely to mean you do also.

Apartment buildings

The most common factor is being located on a hillside or in a hilly area.


Because radon collects in low-lying areas, if you are doing work involving a basement or any subterranean areas, a radon test is a good idea.