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Radon is a radioactive gas that seeps into homes and buildings through the ground and can lead to lung cancer. Only smoking causes more cases of that disease than radon. Our certified radon testing professionals can make sure that you are safe from this harmful gas. If you are in the market for a new home or building, or are worried about one you currently own or live in, a radon test can lay your fears to rest.

Possibly, yes. The amount of radon in a structure is dependent on where the structure is located.

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It is unlikely that there will be high radon concentrations above the third floor, according to the EPA.

Apartment buildings

While larger structures may necessitate additional devices, in general EPA guidelines point to having the point of lowest elevation in the building tested.

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While you can take that route, getting a professional inspection from Environmental Inspections + Solutions means that you can be sure of the results.

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The test itself will take anywhere from two to three days, which is the EPA suggested duration.

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Environmental Inspections + Solutions will supply you with a plan for remediation, though we cannot carry it out ourselves. This is because acting as both inspectors and remediators is a conflict of interest.

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Although it is possible, the distribution of radon is often not regular.

Neighboring homes

The most common places for radon to appear are located on or around hills.


Yes. If you are remodeling above ground and have already had a test, you likely do not need another one, but below ground renovations should always be accompanied by a radon test.


There may be some low levels of radon coming from granite in the home, however it is almost certainly not a dangerous amount.

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