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Though it does not get as much attention as other home and building health hazards, radon is one of the top causes of lung cancer worldwide, with only smoking causing more cases.

This is why getting an inspection from Environmental Inspections + Solutions’ trained radon surveyors should be a part of every San Jose home or building purchase, as well as a precaution for those with homes or buildings in areas at high risk for radon.

We recommend having a radon test if any work is being done to convert a basement or other areas below the ground floor.

The main factor for radon levels is where the structure is constructed, rather than the building itself.

New home

Most likely not, as radon is a heavy gas that generally settles in lower areas. Spaces on or above the fourth floor probably do not need to be tested.

Apartment building

Environmental Inspections + Solutions’ radon test will take place in the bottom-most room of the building as is set out by the EPA.

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Although you can, the peace of mind and confidence in the results that a test by certified inspectors gives you is invaluable.

Radon test kit

We will set and activate Sun Nuclear Corporation continuous radon monitors, which will take samples from the air over the 2 to 3-day testing period.


Although we will furnish you with an abatement plan, we cannot enact it ourselves because being paid to do so would be a conflict of interest. Instead, we can help you find a San Jose-area contractor to remediate, and then re-test afterwards to ensure the problem is solved.

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Radon does not spread out far, and radon in one structure does not mean that nearby ones also have it, though they may.

Apartment buildings

Most prominently, its proximity to hills or construction on a hillside.

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